About us

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We are a group of young people from Livingstone who have made it our mission to promote the nature and culture of Zambia. Although we are living in a modern African world, we are proud of our traditions and culture and would like to share them with you.

We all grew up in Livingstone where in 2009 we met when we were being auditioned as actors for a musical play called African Shoes. The musical was a great succes and inspired us to continue acting. Being from different Zambian tribes we all have different experiences of Zambian life. This gave us the inspiration and motive to create Dancing Around Zambia. This show gives us the opportunity to express and share our individual cultures and tradition.

Having acted and performed together for two years under the management of LIPAF, we feel it is important to stand on our own now. We have grown and now we want to come up with something which is meaningful to our community and help our fellow young people to discover their natural talent. We have therefore created Livingstone Joy!


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